Who We Are

In 2009 two friends, Stephan and Johannes, started the project. Trey joined the team in 2012. 

Johannes Schwaderer

He’d be lying if he didn’t admit that his beer consumption significantly increased after his plan to build the world’s third largest rubber-band ball ended in failure. But it was during this time that Johannes decided it would be better to develop a simpler, more useful product. A product which has the power to the make the world a little bit less complicated and more honest: BIER! 

Stephan Alutis

Stephan has the perfect voice for the radio. And the perfect face.  He’s able to work at least 60 hours a day because ‘multi-tasking’ is his middle name. It’s possible to discuss current events with him while he simultaneously talks on the phone, steers a car and forgets to complete a tax return. Simply put, Stephan was born to run a company. We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for his wisdom and dirty jokes (we’d be millionaires instead). 

Trey Stuvek

The craziest and loudest member of our team (he’s American), Trey has certainly caused us quite a few headaches. In 2012 he stopped by looking for 75 cents to buy a pack of gum and since then we’ve been unable to get rid of him. Initially he was charged with the task of closing deals in moderately successful cafes frequented by underage students. These days he occupies himself with the establishment of strategic partnerships and not so hostile takeovers.

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